Our Story

Calabash Coast


Our journey began with a childhood memory of a Caribbean holiday to visit our family. Each day we explored the miles-long beach of powdered sugar sand that ran in front of our rented villa. Here there were dancing palm trees, vibrant flowers and the sweet fragrance of sun-ripened fruits. While rolling waves of the azure and indigo ocean gently kissed the shore.

During one of our daily excursions we discovered an enchanting stretch of coastline dotted with hidden coves. And then... set back from the beach appeared a secluded disused residence against a backdrop of lush emerald hills. We thought, how fortunate it would be to live here, always.

From this wish grew the idea of Calabash Coast, a dream resort that inspires our range of clothing, accessories, souvenirs and art prints. We hope that the things we create can offer you an escape to the memories of vacations past or those yet to come.

Everybody's welcome.

Run to the Sun


London based sister’s Samantha and Alison Ellington created Calabash Coast, a lifestyle brand inspired by their West Indian heritage and the laid-back charm of the Caribbean. Samantha was formerly a lifestyle writer and Alison has more than twenty years experience in luxury retail operations and management.